When the going gets crazy..the crazy get going?

About 6 weeks ago I wrote out a week by week to-do list for Ian and I so that we could spread out the work of all of the big and little details that would need to be taken care of before our move to Africa TOMORROW. This was a good thing to do, I [...]

Cute ‘lil thing

We’ve finally succumbed and have become a 2 computer family…that is 2  computers completely owned by us.  We decided to look into a netbook for me…cute, little and just the right price for  looking on the internet and blogging.  What else does one really do anyhow??  At least, “What else does Anne really do anyhow?” Here’s [...]

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That’s my new made up word for blah blog. I’m in a writers funk. I’ve got plenty to write about…but I’ve temporarily misplaced the camera, and our recent adventures just wouldn’t be much fun to write about without pictures.  Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tweet [...]

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Pretty please….

For the second middle of the night in a week I have been awokened but that voice from the other room half crying half yelling, “Mooooommmmeeee, I threw up.”   I tried to explain to the neighbor across the street who doesn’t have kids yet (or maybe never after talks like this) that some pukes are [...]

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Voodoo and other fun

My twin brother Andy, his wife Kori, and our mom all came to visit us over Spring Break.  We scheduled in a few chores:  updating our computer with awesome software, pawning off some of the things in our house so they wouldn’t have to be packed, and visiting an antique store for Andy & Kori [...]

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Random funnies

We use a lot of OUST spray in this house.  Right now I have the citrus version that is a disinfectant and a sanitizer. Sometimes I read labels, just for fun.  On cereal boxes, pretty much anything.  It’s a strange habit, I know. Today, I read the OUST label.  On the back it has this [...]

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