We’re riding on Southwest airlines to Boise today.  We hope.  A few good things still about Southwest:  You still don’t have to pay for your first checked bag.  At some “other” airlines you pay $15-$25 to check. Free beverage and snack packet (ok, so it might be mini, but it’s a packet!)…no meals, so of [...]

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Best Friend in the World!

Eli and Lucy haven’t always gotten along. At times, like most siblings they can look like they are competing in WWF or smackdown. Thankfully, during our last week of being fairly snowbound they have entered a new phase in their relationship! This morning when Lucy came out of her room, Eli ran up and screamed, [...]

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Kids say funny things…

We had another busy weekend.  Ian’s grandmother who will turn 94 in February had a stroke on Friday and was in the hospital recovering so we decided to make a visit. As we were checking in at the front, Eli says, “Did great-grandma have a baby?” What a funny mental picture that created.  I guess [...]

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Chocolate and dogs

Today was a busy day.  I was awakened to the sound of packing tape being pulled out of the tape holder and crumpled.  But that is not the story.  This is what I saw when I walked into the kitchen: Yes, this is Eli’s advent calender  in the trash can.  You can see it wouldn’t [...]

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Just reminded tonight how blessed I am to have good friends to share the many ups and downs and all of the crazy comical moments in between with!  Thank you to each and every one of you for the impact you have made in my life as a woman, a mother, a wife and a [...]

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Today at an outdoor shopping mall I was walking a short distance behind a 3-4 year old girl, and 2 women (I’m guessing her mom and her aunt) who were chatting away.  ALL of a sudden, the little girl bends down and grabs at a huge gob of fresh blue gum stuck to the sidewalk [...]

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